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Today in class, as with most classes, I closed by asking my students to tell me one thing they learned that day. The lecture of the day was on ethics, specifically as they apply to the public speaking course. When I asked one student what they learned about ethics, they responded simply by telling me that they learned about ethics. When I inquired about something specific the student learned, I was told that when reading the material, it was hard to grasp, but through my explanations and examples through the lecture, they were able to gain an understanding of ethics and how they apply to speaking publicly.

To say that I was floored by that would almost be an understatement. Through all of the blank stares, lack of responses and side conversations, to hear from even one student that they got something out of my lecture is amazing. Hopefully this is an indicator for how the class is going as opposed to an isolated incident, and hopefully there will be more instances similar to this throughout the semester. It may also be better to have a stronger response to it that makes it appear as if I’ve done this before, to say my response might have lacked professionalism is an understatement.

And, in case you’re wondering, my response was “…are you serious?”


Written by emeraldarcher

August 31, 2010 at 11:08 pm

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