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So it has come to this, America? Unemployment is at 19%, congress cannot get anything done, and for another year there is an outgoing college class about to enter the workforce to find that all of the promises made to them about going to college and getting a job were broken; and this is what is going on? If you’re looking for partisan crap, this is definitely not the place to go. There is plenty of blame to go around this time…

Shame on you, Republican Party. John McCain, and the party, lost the 2008 election. The time has come to get over it and move on. This birth certificate crap needs to stop and hopefully it will today. Do you all want to know how Obama won the election? He did it by starting early, he announced his campaign in February of 2007, a whole 21 months before the election. To put that in perspective, if you wanted to run a candidate and have them campaign for the same amount of time, you would have had to start 2 months ago. Not only that, Obama won the election by using new technologies to mobilize young people in a way never before seen in American politics. I’m sure that all of you geriatric clowns don’t understand it, but there are tremendous, free technologies available to you on the internet to campaign with. Try looking into things called Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; you may call it the stupid toys your kids play with, but Obama has millions of users viewing his information with them. Finally, he did it through fundraising. By utilizing the Internet, along with the traditional methods of fundraising, Obama was able to accumulate more funds than any other candidate in history. If you are all really that hurt by the result of the 2008 election, then maybe it is time to do something productive about it instead of ridiculous claims and petty bickering.

Shame on you, Democrats. The amount of arrogance shown by your party since 2008 is simply disgusting. For all of the complaining done during the Bush years, you would think that you could do better than this mess. Congratulations, you inherited a crappy situation and you made it worse, that isn’t difficult to do. I think I could actually do that tomorrow if I really applied myself. You come in to office with a majority and still can’t get anything done, and then blame it on the Republicans. Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe you just don’t have that good of ideas, which is why a lot of your own party dissents and causes your legislation to not pass? I hate to break it to you, but a party that is in the minority in congress can only do so much to hold you up. At a certain point, you just start holding yourselves up.

Finally, shame on you, Mr. President. You have been in office for over two years now and have done absolutely nothing. You can tout your healthcare reform that you forced upon all of us, but even then it is flawed and doomed to be repealed sooner or later. You, like your party, came in to a bad situation and made it worse. Instead of taking responsibility, you did the same thing you did in your campaign and blamed Bush. Guess what, Mr. President, George W. Bush is no longer the President, you are! So maybe, and I am just thinking out loud here, you should grow up and admit that you dropped the ball on this one. Instead of obliging the idiots that want to see your birth certificate, you should focus on fixing the unemployment rate, the economy, or get us out of those wars you were so against. The thing is, come November 2012, you should be getting  a nice big thank you card ready for the Republican party because they are going to be the only reason you get a second term.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that you should all, Democrats, Republicans and the President himself, just grow up. It sucks to do, believe me I know, I didn’t want to do it either, but it is a fact of life and you have to do it. The biggest part of growing up is learning to compromise, something none of you seem capable of doing.

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April 27, 2011 at 11:32 pm

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