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When I watch TV, I like to do it to escape the cruel, harsh realities of the world. Because of that, I don’t like to watch “reality” television. Sure, there have been a few instances where this rule has been broken, specifically Jersey Shore, but overall I will take a scripted show over any of the Survivors, Real Worlds and American Idols of the world. That all changed last night.

Thanks to my friends, I watched an episode of The Voice last night. Despite my best attempts to fight it, I actually kind of enjoyed it. The show doesn’t have the idiocy of American Idol or the attempts at fabricating drama by dragging out information, and that is why it works. The suspense is built in by the way contestants are selected, simply by their voice. In the couple of minutes that it takes for a contestant to screw up a Miranda Lambert song, in front of her soon to be husband no less, the suspense lies in watching the coaches bluff, wince, and try to goad each other into taking chances on the singers.

Speaking of the coaches, this is where the show wins over shows like Idol. The coaches consist of the always entertaining Blake Shelton, the “gifted” Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and, my favorite, Cee Lo Green. The show managed to round up four different judges, from four different styles of music, and let them compete. Half the fun is watching them make surprise selections, specifically Cee Lo and his country singer selections. I will take this group of four over any mess of judges they can have on Idol.

I have no idea if this show is going to continue to be as good now that the first round is over. I can’t guarantee that I will continue to watch all season long. I can’t even guarantee if I will talk about this on-air at work, either. What I do know is that, if you like music the way I do, then you will probably dig this show. Don’t believe me? Check this guy out, he was pretty awesome…


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May 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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