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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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It’s that time again, E3 is back! Coming June 7, in the wonderful world of California, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is going to introduce the world to the biggest innovations in gaming. This is the biggest event in gaming, this is the Super Bowl, the March Madness, the Wrestlemania, the (insert copyrighted event name that is big and will probably get me sued). To me, this is video game Christmas (not to be confused with real Christmas where I generally get video games), this is the event that can determine the fate of the next year for any company. This is make or break, this is the big reveal for every game maker, this event even has an insane amount of coverage on G4! To celebrate, I’ve decided to mention a few of the highlights I am looking for most…

1. Project Cafe

That’s right, this is the big one. Nintendo’s new console, alleged to be more powerful than any of the current generation systems. Interestingly, this thing is rumored to have a touch screen in the controller…good to see Nintendo continuing their trend of deviating away from the norm. If that proves successful, or is even true, then expect Microsoft and Sony to follow suit eventually. Other than the rumors, not much is known about the specs, the price, or the games to come along with it, but be ready to hear a little bit about the hardware and some kind of demo to show off the new console’s power.

With the hot start the Wii got after launch, the major cool down of the Wii after the start, and the botched launch of the 3DS; Project Cafe will make for an interesting debut for Nintendo. This presentation is also going to be looked at closely by Sony and Microsoft, if Nintendo is going to fire the first salvo in the next generation of consoles, the others will not be far behind. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

2. Modern Warfare 3

Oh yeah, this is the big one, the follow up to the second best-selling video game of all time. The trailers have been trickling out, some information is slowly being leaked, and this one looks like it will be a whole lot of awesome. There are a lot of folks who think that Black Ops was a let down, and think people shouldn’t spend their money on MW3, but that is a whole lot of BS. The people still play it, it still is Call of Duty, and people will still buy it.

This one is going to be a fun ride until November, when the game releases. There will still be a lot of info to come out, maybe some story bits, and a whole lot of gameplay information to be coming out in the next few months. Hopefully they have a good conclusion to the story of Soap and the rest of the Modern Warfare crew.

3. Halo

About 10 years ago, a system called the Xbox was released along with a game called Halo. The rest, I guess you could say, is history. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the big rumor is that Microsoft is going to announce a remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved. This is going to be an interesting one, Halo is a huge game for Microsoft but will the audience be willing to shell out cash for a remake of the original? My guess is still yes…

4. Skyrim

If you have played any of the Elder Scrolls games, then you know why this one is going to be big. The game will still be about the same size as the previous installment, Oblivion, but there will be a whole slew of changes to the game. The biggest, and most intriguing change, is the skill system. No longer do you have 8 attributes, it has been chopped down to 3, but you also get a new sprint button for running around the world. With all of the available options, and dragons, you can get lost in the countless hours of playability and these games always look fantastic. Between this and Modern Warfare 3, November cannot get here soon enough.

5. Booth Babes

It isn’t possible to have any kind of post about E3 without mentioning the booth babes. These models are hired by video game companies to look hot and entice the nerds to check out the booth and the games they entail. Sometimes, they even dress like characters of the games. For your viewing pleasure, here is an example of these fine young ladies.

So there you have it, 5 of the big reasons I am excited for E3 2011. I’ll definitely make a few posts following the days coverage of E3 with my thoughts on some of the big release information made available. You can follow everything going on with E3 at sites like IGN, G4, and any other place you go for video gaming news.


Written by emeraldarcher

May 28, 2011 at 12:34 am

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