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Week Late Movie Reviews: Green Lantern

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This one is kind of a big deal. In the world of super heroes, Green Lantern is tops for me. Was this a perfect movie? No, it really wasn’t. Was it a movie that I enjoyed a great deal? Yeah, it really was. I’ll explain in more detail after the jump.

I never thought I would say this, but Green Lantern had one glaring flaw to me…it had too much character development. Now I know what you’re thinking, character development in a super hero movie is almost non-existant. This time it is an issue, and maybe too much isn’t the correct way to put it, because it may be more of a pacing issue.

You see, throughout the film we get snippets of information about the background of the characters, Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris had a thing, Hector Hammond knew them growing up and has a thing for Carol, Hal has dad issues, so on and so forth. The problem is that instead of connecting all of this into one flashback (something they could have very easily done), we get one flashback and a series of statements directing us to the character history. While it is great that they want to make sure motivations and characters are developed, I felt like it deprived the audience of one of the coolest opportunities in film…Oa.

There isn’t a lot of time spent on Oa, you get to see a little bit of Hal’s training but they skip even a montage to show us this and just state it. I feel like if they had condensed the drawn out character development issues above into one flashback, then we could see a lot more of Oa. Don’t get me wrong, Oa and the scenes there looked phenomenal and I definitely want to see more of them, but I was definitely left wanting more. I want more Kilowog, I want more Sinestro, I want more Tomar Re and I want more Guardians.

Speaking of which, let’s talk a little bit about Oa and the Green Lantern mythos part of the film. I liked what they did with Parallax, it was definitely a solid take on the concept and it played out pretty well. Sinestro was the glaring thing for me. The character was played incredibly by Mark Strong, but the story with Sinestro was a little off. He played more like a soldier doing his job as opposed to the character I grew up with who flirted with the bad side of things and would openly challenge the Guardians rule. It definitely made the credits sequence a little awkward. Hopefully I get to see a little more expansion on that in a sequel.

Was Green Lantern a perfect movie? No, not even close. Was it a better super hero movie than a lot of the others that are put out today? Definitely. It was a good, solid, lofty base for a Green Lantern franchise and there was definitely a lot of entertaining stuff involved. Just give me more of Oa, please.



Written by emeraldarcher

June 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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