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Really, San Diego? Really?

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So, I guess San Diego thinks Eric Weddle is pretty good? I would certainly hope so, since they decided to pay him like he’s the greatest safety to ever play the game. This move has already been reamed on Twitter by a lot of people, and I am hard pressed to find someone who thinks the Chargers are not overpaying this clown, so it’s been a little bit of a schadenfreude afternoon for non-Charger fans. Now I’m not going to lie, I love seeing my division rivals potentially throw their money away, but let’s take a look at why Weddle is maybe worth this kind of money…

To say Weddle isn’t a good player is a false statement. In fact, he is a very serviceable, solid starter in the NFL and I would have enjoyed for my Broncos to make a run at him if the draft hadn’t been so kind to us. The issue appears to be that Weddle is far from deserving to be paid more than any other safety in NFL history. Let’s take a look at his career stats…

G: 60
GS: 45
Int: 6
PD: 28
Tkl: 292

Decent stats in his first four years, I’ll give him that. Now let’s compare him to the two guys currently considered the best safeties playing today, Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu…

Ed Reed
G: 58
GS: 57
Int: 22
PD: 53
Tkl: 227

Troy Polamalu
G: 61
GS: 45
Int: 10
PD: 35
Tkl: 228

When you look at the numbers, aside from Reed’s insane passing game stats, all three players are roughly in the same skill set. In fact, in four seasons, Weddle has managed to bring in more tackles than Reed and Polamalu and he has been better off with the injury bug than the other two. The jury is going to be out on whether Weddle’s contract is worth it or not but, statistically speaking, he is certainly in the conversation with Polamalu and Reed. Just for kicks, let’s compare rookie years for these three with another division rival, Eric Berry.

G: 16
GS: 0
Int: 1
PD: 6
Tkl: 42

G: 16
GS: 16
Int: 5
PD: 12
Tkl: 71

G: 16
GS: 0
Int: 0
PD: 4
Tkl: 29

G: 16
GS: 16
Int: 4
PD: 10
Tkl: 72

Given that Weddle and Polamalu did not start all 16 games of their rookie years, it is difficult to get an accurate measure on statistics for this comparison. Looking at Reed and Berry, though, shows some interesting comparisons can be made. Around draft time in 2010, Berry was getting a lot of comparisons to Reed and after one year they have been substantiated. While it is still too early to truly gauge the player Berry will turn into, it is safe to speculate that the Chiefs may have a mini-Ed Reed on their roster.

Statistically speaking, Weddle could be worth the contract he received from San Diego. There can be a whole number of factors involved with the response the news has received from players and members of the media, but the stats tell something different.


Written by emeraldarcher

July 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm

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