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The lockout has been over for a little over a week now and football is back in full swing, for the most part. In reality, the CBA still needs to be ratified before the league year can truly start but that is all just loose ends and nothing to worry about. A lot of the fun since the lockout ended is that, instead of the usual slow moving NFL free agency period, this year has seen a flurry of transactions that manifested in just a few days. Instead of a busy two days and a slow trickle of news for the following four months, fans were gifted an orgy of non-stop coverage and news filling fans in on the final landing points for players like Albert Haynesworth, Chad Ochocinco, Nnamdi Asomugha and DeAngelo Williams.

The biggest fun of the post-lockout NFL is that it only provides a few short weeks to prepare for something most fans commit months to preparing for…fantasy football. I’ve been participating in fantasy football for years now and it is definitely something that you either get or you don’t, there is little to no middle ground. In fact, I recently told a friend who is a fan of football, but not nearly into it as I am, that I was excited for my league to start up and they looked at me as if I stopped speaking English and slipped into some jibberish language. So I got to thinking, why do I get so into fantasy football? Let’s see what I came up with…

The first reason I was able to come up with is that fantasy gives me the opportunity to try and convince myself and my friends that I actually do know what I’m talking about when it comes to football. There is no greater moment than when I take a player in the draft, or off waivers, and get made fun of until that player blows up for the season and carries me into the playoffs. This was a big deal for me last season because there were a lot of laughs when I picked players like Kyle Orton and Peyton Hillis in my leagues only to see them have career seasons. Does that mean I’m going to draft these guys again this year? God, no, Peyton Hillis is going to shred his ACL by week 2 and Kyle Orton is still Kyle Orton. That is the fun of fantasy football, letting players think they know what they are talking about.

The second reason I came up with is that there is no greater activity to let me keep in touch with friends from college than fantasy football. It’s something that take only a matter of minutes a week (barring whenever the draft is, unless you’re a wuss and do autopick) and provides the integral pieces of male communication, trash talk, competition and sports. In any given league, I can be competing against friends living in different parts of the state, country or even the world. Even better, if I don’t have enough friends to do a full league then I can always join a public league and beat up on people I have never met. In short, no matter how busy or hectic life can become, fantasy football is always a means of keeping in touch with the people that matter.

In reality, I was only able to come up with two reasons for playing fantasy football. When it comes down to it, fantasy is a hobby that doesn’t really give me any kind of pay out. In the grand scheme of things, while it does have the benefits listed above, fantasy football is a frustrating, stressful game that is based predominantly on luck. Who knew that the year you finally get to draft Tom Brady is the year he was going to miss the whole season? Who knew that you were going to screw up and draft a guy because he’s good on Madden? Who knew your team was going to dominate all season long and fall apart in the playoffs because some idiot coach wants to bench all of his players in week 17 to keep them fresh for the playoffs? That is the beauty of fantasy football, just when you think you know what you’re doing, you don’t.

For this season, because I am living a lot closer to a majority of my friends, my league is doing a live draft sometime soon. This is the first time a lot of the friends in this league are going to meet each other and it should make for a good, trash talking time with friends. So this year, good luck to you on your league and if you happen to be one of those people who doesn’t do anything with it all season and still makes the playoffs, I hate you.


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August 3, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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