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The Tebow “Thing”

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The CBS Crew Gets It

This is not meant to be me “gushing” over Tim Tebow. This is to talk about the Broncos win to me, what this win means to me, and the state of my fandom.

Six years ago, the Denver Broncos faced a home game where a win placed them in the playoffs. To go along with this they had a young quarterback, Jay Cutler, and had lost the heart of the defense, Al Wilson. They lost this game, that night Darrent Williams was murdered, and in two short years the team would see a tremendous makeover. Over that six years, the Broncos saw a new head coach, a QB traded, a WR traded, 8-8 seasons, mediocrity, and a whole lot of things that I didn’t enjoy. This year, I got to go to Sports Authority Field at Mile High for the week 17 match up with the Chiefs. It was eerily similar, a young quarterback leading the Broncos to a win and you’re in scenario at home in a season where the heart of the Denver defense, Brian Dawkins, was injured. As much as I loved my trip, and there will be a post about that later, the Broncos lost and it looked in question about whether the Broncos will be in the playoffs. Then, a miracle happened, and Oakland lost to San Diego and the Broncos were in the playoffs.

Fast forward a week to today, the Broncos with a home playoff game against the on-paper favorite Pittsburgh Steelers. Going into the game, I said the Broncos had a very winnable game. And then the game happened. The Denver Broncos defense has been stellar since Orton was benched and it did not disappoint today. There was pressure on the Pittsburgh offense and the Broncos secondary was sick. As much as I hate KU, Chris Harris is a stud and I am very happy we have him. With a defense like this, it is THAT MUCH easier to develop a young quarterback and that is what we are doing.

Finally, there was Tebow. Tim has had an up and down season. His first three quarters need a lot of work but his 4th quarter play has been generally solid. Then came the New England game. Tebow played really well as a passer and the team as a whole was in it until the turnovers started. As we all know, you cannot win games with turnovers. The next week was Buffalo and we saw the regression of Tebow. He was erratic, made some bad decisions, and overall looked lost at the pro level. Then came KC, and I was there, and he looked even worse. He was erratic, afraid to make a pass, and did not seem to see a lot of his WR’s who were open. This isn’t to say it is all on Tebow because the WR’s have made some bad drops throughout the season, but man it was bad regardless. The Tebow thing is erratic, it’s inaccurate right now, it’s frustrating at times, it is a work in progress, and it is the most exciting thing I have seen in Denver in years.

So what does this win mean to me? This win means a whole heck of a lot right now. Things have been so down for the last six years that it has been a little painful to see the mediocrity in Denver that has been the culture of late. I see this win as the start of a new era in Denver. There is nothing for the Broncos to lose in this postseason because we were never supposed to be there anyway, much less playing in the second round. This win, to me, is the start of the healing process of the losses the team experienced six years ago. This win gives hope again. Spygate doesn’t matter anymore, Cutler and Marshall don’t matter anymore, Shanahan doesn’t matter anymore, McDaniels doesn’t matter anymore and the losses don’t matter anymore. All that matters is that the Broncos are here, and they are hungry.

That partially sums up the state of my fandom. Earlier this year I predicted to my friends, rather obnoxiously, that Denver would win the division at 10-6 and would beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead. While I was a couple of games off, I was correct on two of those predictions. That is the level of faith I had in the Broncos this season, the faith I had in John Fox and Dennis Allen’s defense, the faith I had in Mike McCoy’s offense, and the lack of faith I had in Kyle Orton. When the Broncos made it to 1-4 and we saw the start of Tebow Time, my attitude changed. I wanted to see Tim develop and become a better player and if that meant we lost more games than I was ok with it no matter how much I wanted to win. When the winning came, I heard a lot of Bronco fans that I know say they would rather lose to get a better draft pick. No way, never, not happening, not one bit. I will never, ever, wish for the Broncos to lose a game to better a draft pick. It doesn’t work that way and if you really feel that way then go be a scrub Chiefs fan. For the first time in six years, we are in the playoffs. For the first time in six years, we are in the divisional round. Just like six years ago, we are playing the Patriots in the divisional round. It’s time, not for Tebow, for the Broncos. It’s Broncos time.



Written by emeraldarcher

January 8, 2012 at 11:25 pm

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