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The Tebow “Thing”

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The CBS Crew Gets It

This is not meant to be me “gushing” over Tim Tebow. This is to talk about the Broncos win to me, what this win means to me, and the state of my fandom.

Six years ago, the Denver Broncos faced a home game where a win placed them in the playoffs. To go along with this they had a young quarterback, Jay Cutler, and had lost the heart of the defense, Al Wilson. They lost this game, that night Darrent Williams was murdered, and in two short years the team would see a tremendous makeover. Over that six years, the Broncos saw a new head coach, a QB traded, a WR traded, 8-8 seasons, mediocrity, and a whole lot of things that I didn’t enjoy. This year, I got to go to Sports Authority Field at Mile High for the week 17 match up with the Chiefs. It was eerily similar, a young quarterback leading the Broncos to a win and you’re in scenario at home in a season where the heart of the Denver defense, Brian Dawkins, was injured. As much as I loved my trip, and there will be a post about that later, the Broncos lost and it looked in question about whether the Broncos will be in the playoffs. Then, a miracle happened, and Oakland lost to San Diego and the Broncos were in the playoffs. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by emeraldarcher

January 8, 2012 at 11:25 pm